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Audiatur et altera pars

Let the other side be heard as well

Randjelovic & Partners Law Office has existed since 2006 and has its headquarters in Niš, Serbia.
Our team of lawyers and jurists, whose working principle is based on professionalism, commitment and responsibility, has been the reason why renowned domestic and international business entities choose to cooperate with us in the long run and continuously.
We provide services throughout Serbia.

Since 2006

Fields Of Operation

Corporate Law

Years of experience and numerous successfully resolved issues in this field are a recommendation for the provision of all types of services in the field of corporate law. In the era of the free flow of goods…

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Tax Law

Legal issues pertaining to taxation are the starting point for the advice provided to our clients. We strive for and succeed in finding optimal tax solutions and build socially responsible behavior with our clients…

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Real Estate Transactions

Real estate is the subject of various types of disputes, so the transactions and possessions involving real estate represent the basis for taxation. For this purpose, we advise and represent our clients…

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Intellectual Property Law

Ranđelović & Partners Law Office provides its clients with an efficient intellectual property rights protection system. As part of the protection system, we provide services concerning the development…

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IT Law

IT law is one of the most recent fields of law which is changing almost on a daily basis. Our team is up to date with all the current events in the field of IT law, both in national legislation and in the legislation…

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Commercial Law

Ranđelović & Partners Law Office provides its clients with a wide range of services in the field of commercial law. The business of a company is affected by a large number of laws and regulations…

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Labor Law

The office provides legal assistance concerning labor relations to employers, employees and trade unions. We are involved in the preparation of all legal documents related to work…

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Contract Law

As a field, contract law is based on the aspiration of clients to find a common interest with another party through the protection of their own interests. When drawing up a contract, we strive to fully protect…

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Meet the Team

Dragan Randjelovic
Dragan Randjelovic
Attorney at Law / Owner

Born: 1976, Leskovac; Start of work: 2006, Niš; Education: University of Niš, (Faculty of Law, 2002) …

Maja Jevremovic
Maja Jevremovic
Attorney at Law / Partner

Born: 1985, Niš; Start of work: 2011, Niš; Education: University of Niš, (Faculty of Law, 2011)…

Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Attorney at Law / Associate

Born: 1994, Niš; Start of work: 2018, Niš; Education: University of Niš, (Faculty of Law, 2018)…

Nenad Ciric
Nenad Ciric
Attorney at Law / Associate

Born: 1995, Niš; Start of work: 2020, Niš; Education: University of Niš, (Faculty of Law, 2020)…

Client Testimonials

Our clients have said the following about us:

Perfect cooperation, real professionals, precise, responsible… I would recommend them to any firm or individual who requires legal assistance…

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