About Us

Randjelovic & Partners Law Office has existed since 2006 and has its headquarters in Niš, Serbia.

Our team of lawyers and jurists, whose working principle is based on professionalism, commitment and responsibility, has been the reason why renowned domestic and international business entities choose to cooperate with us in the long run and continuously.

We provide services throughout Serbia.

The experience so far has been the decisive factor in our provision of services primarily in the field of civil law, with an emphasis on the entire corpus of commercial law, tax law, labor law, preparation of all types of contracts, intellectual property law and IT law. In addition to litigation proceedings, we successfully represent clients in administrative, misdemeanor and criminal proceedings for crimes against the economy.

Our services, inter alia, involve legal consulting and full support in the process of establishing companies, enacting all the necessary general and individual enactments, implementing status changes and conducting financial transactions with foreign entities.

About Our Work

Our values define the way we work, as well as the way we treat our clients. The values that we strictly adhere to are the following

– Professionalism – Integrity – Reliability – Honesty
– Trust – Commitment – Teamwork – Social responsibility

At Law Firm Randjelovic & Partners, lawyers and jurists speak both Serbian and English, which entails the possibility of submitting documentation in a multilingual format. We cooperate with certified court translators for other world languages as well.

Since 2006


As one of the fastest growing offices, we are constantly seeking talented, creative and resourceful lawyers and future attorneys who share our enthusiasm, as well as innovational and professional approach to service provision. We believe that the key to success lies in a dedicated relationship with customers.

We are aware that the success of the firm depends on the people who constitute our team. By working with us, you will be provided with an opportunity to develop your skills and constantly advance in a dynamic work environment.

If you see yourself as a trainee or attorney in our office, please send your CV and motivational letter to the following e-mail: office@randjelovic.rs

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