Practice Areas

Practice Areas

  1. Corporate Law

    Years of experience and numerous successfully resolved issues in this field are a recommendation for the provision of all types of services in the field of corporate law.

    In the era of the free flow of goods, services, information and capital, we consider that a good legal foundation in business is the key to the success of any business entity on the free market.

    The services we provide in this field are the result of years of understanding the market environment, as well as the diverse requirements of our clients.

    Some of the services we are frequently engaged for are the following:

    • Establishment and status changes in all forms of legal entities
    • Legal analyses of all legal briefs, preparation, drafting models, amendments
    • Legal support and advice in corporate management
    • Preparation and advising on holding General Meetings of Shareholders, Supervisory Boards, Management Boards and other bodies of companies and institutions
    • Creating legal due diligence reports for existing or new clients
    • Consultation services in the field of private-public partnership
    • Actively informing clients of all changes in the law and their impact on business


  2. Tax law

    Legal issues pertaining to taxation are the starting point for the advice provided to our clients. We strive for and succeed in finding optimal tax solutions and build socially responsible behavior with our clients when it comes to tax issues.

    Constant changes in this field, as well as varying practices of the tax administration represent a cause for fear and mistrust from citizens and businesses in this field. Our experience and cooperation with renowned auditors, accountants and court experts operating in this field are a winning combination for the correct application of all tax regulations and the realization of the rights of our clients.

    We have rich experience and practical knowledge, especially when it comes to:

    • Property taxes
    • Corporate income tax
    • Personal income tax
    • Value added tax
    • Tax optimization for related legal entities
    • Tax planning
    • Implementation of international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation
    • Representation before courts and tax authorities with regard to tax issues

    We have supplemented the services in this field with the service of defending authorized persons of business in criminal proceedings for criminal offenses against the economy, primarily for the very common criminal offense of “Tax Evasion”, for which many unfounded criminal charges are filed in practice.

  3. Real Estate Transactions

    Real estate is the subject of various types of disputes, so the transactions and possessions involving real estate represent the basis for taxation. For this purpose, we advise and represent our clients in courts, before notaries, the Real Estate Cadaster, Tax Administration and all other authorities.

    We are also involved in providing advice and protection to our clients in various real estate transactions, primarily in the field of purchase and lease, representation and mediation before all authorities, as well as inheritance, restitution, expropriation and securing claims by making real estate mortgage registrations.

    We have prepared countless purchase and sale agreements and lease agreements, were involved in purchases and sales in bankruptcy proceedings and public tenders with public executors, as well as supervised and controlled the execution of certain large scale Greenfield and Brownfield investment projects, launched by foreign investors in Serbia

  4. Intellectual Property Law

    Randjelovic & Partners Law Office provides its clients with an efficient intellectual property rights protection system.

    As part of the protection system, we provide services concerning the development of intellectual property protection strategies, representation before the Intellectual Property Office during the entire protection procedure, including the registration of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical designations, mediation in the transfer of intellectual property rights and protection of appropriate rights of use, as well as representation before courts and other authorities in cases of intellectual property right infringement.

  5. IT Law

    IT law is one of the most recent fields of law which is changing almost on a daily basis. Our team is up to date with all the current events in the field of IT law, both in national legislation and in the legislation of the most relevant global markets. In the field of IT law, we especially emphasize services in the following categories:

    • Compliance of online services with legal norms
    • General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
    • GDPR and CCPA
    • Business-technical cooperation agreements
    • Confidentiality and non-competition agreement
    • EULAs and license agreements
    • SaaS agreements

  6. Commercial Law

    Randjelovic & Partners Law Office provides its clients with a wide range of services in the field of commercial law.

    The business of a company is affected by a large number of laws and regulations, which the company itself sometimes discovers only after the arrival of the competent inspection, or the authorized person of a state body.

    Our task is to primarily advise the client of the application of all existing regulations, monitor all the amendments, as well as prepare and harmonize all general and individual documents of the company. To this end, we define the objective and propose the best legal solutions in this particular field, bearing in mind the positive legislation. We have years of experience in negotiations and in drafting contracts in the field of business law.

  7. Labor Law

    The office provides legal assistance concerning labor relations to employers, employees and trade unions. We are involved in the preparation of all legal documents related to work, starting with the rules of employment, employment contracts, all general enactments and management contracts.

    We are involved in the resolution of disputes between employees and employers. In addition, the office is engaged as a legal service that provides full and up-to-date legal support to clients, and represents clients in labor disputes before courts and arbitrations.

    We monitor the alterations in laws and bylaws and inform clients, with proposals and specific solutions, on how to harmonize their work and their documents in accordance with the mentioned changes.

    We respect individual and specific processes and work organization of our clients – employers, and in accordance with this, we offer and propose unique solutions for organizing working hours, scheduling work engagement of employees, updating the provisions of general acts for them to be applicable, purposeful and defined for all situations.

    A detailed knowledge of employee rights stems from the vast work experience in the field of labor relations acquired by representing employers.

  8. Contract Law

    As a field, contract law is based on the aspiration of clients to find a common interest with another party through the protection of their own interests. When drawing up a contract, we strive to fully protect the interests of the client, bearing in mind the complex idea of the entire business. We do not consider contractual relations to be a relationship at the transactional level, but a broader picture of the matter, whose primary goal is to apply the contract in practice. We listen to clients’ proposals and find optimal legal solutions together.
    We have participated in the negotiations and preparation of contracts in all fields of law.

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